Sublingual Allergy Immunotherapy Drops

Proven medical treatment that strengthens the immune system to provide long-term relief and prevents progression of new allergies and asthma

  • Custom formulated treatment based upon your individual test results
  • One year supply of sublingual, under the tongue, allergy drops
  • 100% FDA Approved allergen extracts
  • Safe and effective for long-term relief!

Stop wasting your time and money with over-the-counter medications that only mask your symptoms. When you stop taking the pills your symptoms return. Your allergy symptoms are unique and your treatment plan should be as well.



One (1) year supply of sublingual allergy immunotherapy drops.

Immunotherapy treatment has been proven in clinical studies to decrease allergy symptoms, medication use, prevent new allergies and asthma in children, and promote lasting-relief of allergy symptoms even after treatment is stopped. Research shows allergy immunotherapy is cost-effective and reduces overall health care expenses, including costs from prescription medicine use, office visits, hospitalizations, and missed work/school.

Based upon your test results we will formulate, mix, and ship your personalized immunotherapy drops to your home. Immunotherapy has an efficacy rate of over 90% when formulated and taken properly.

25 reviews for Sublingual Allergy Immunotherapy Drops

  1. (25 customer reviews)

    Brenda H (verified owner)

    sent Turnkey Allergy my skin allergy test from my doctor’s office and they were able to mix the drops for me at a much cheaper cost. These drops work much better than prescription drugs.

  2. (25 customer reviews)

    Ellen Knapton (verified owner)

    I love the convenience of not having to leave my home. I’ve wanted to get an allergy test done for years and I finally have the answers I was looking for. I just ordered the drops and am ready to start those.

  3. (25 customer reviews)

    Jerry Hall (verified owner)

    I purchased the allergy drops for the first time. My seasonal allergies were much less severe than years prior. The convenience of taking the drops at home is unbeatable.

  4. (25 customer reviews)

    Mark Wallers (verified owner)

    I found this company online and thought I would give it a try – amazing! They are sublingual allergy drops, so you put a few under your tongue daily and hold them there for 45 seconds. For me, the effect was pretty quick. Within 2-3 days, my sneezing, itchy eyes, and runny nose went away. I did try a different brand of homeopathic drops and they did not work like these, so I can definitely say it is not a placebo effect!

  5. (25 customer reviews)

    Arthur S (verified owner)

    These allergy drops have almost completely cured my allergies. I’m not taking any more medications.

  6. (25 customer reviews)

    Melissa Worthing (verified owner)

    The entire process was so easy, everything was delivered to my home, and I received my drops pretty quickly. You do have to take them every day so I make them part of my morning routine.

  7. (25 customer reviews)

    Josh W (verified owner)

    It was easy to use and I got the results back in just a few days. I ended up buying the allergy drops to complement the results. Quick turnaround time.

  8. (25 customer reviews)

    Jennifer Hayes (verified owner)

    We sent in our allergy test reults from our doctor’s office and they were able use the results to mix drops for my daughter. They were delivered in only a few days. Great job guys!

  9. (25 customer reviews)

    Hayden M (verified owner)

    I thought they would taste like chemicals but they actually do not. They taste a little sweet so it makes it easier to take every day.

  10. (25 customer reviews)

    Allison Newhouse (verified owner)

    The product is very simple to use for my son’s allergies since he hates shots. Great for kids!

  11. (25 customer reviews)

    Anna Hemsley (verified owner)

    Such a great option for kids. No more shots!

  12. (25 customer reviews)

    Danny V (verified owner)

    I have been going to my allergy doctor’s office every 3 months to get my allergy drops for $450. Wow! I get the same thing from these guys at 1/3 of the cost. If you’re taking allergy drops you need to look into this. Great savings and easy to order.

  13. (25 customer reviews)

    Leslie Fairchild (verified owner)

    It sure beats going to my doctor every year and getting poked 75x and then having to go in for weekly allergy injections. No more, I will keep buying this and it’s cheaper than going to my doctor.

  14. (25 customer reviews)

    Paul Rogers (verified owner)

    Good quality test and immunotherapy. Fair price. I wish they had a panel specifically for my state but other than that is a great find.

  15. (25 customer reviews)

    Angie S (verified owner)

    I no longer have to take my daughter to the doctor’s office a few times a week for painful shots. Great option for children.

  16. (25 customer reviews)

    Matthew Hernandez (verified owner)

    This product helped me immensely. Quick and simple at-home test. Easy to take daily allergy drops. All from home which is nice.

  17. (25 customer reviews)

    Heather P (verified owner)

    After years of using prescription medications, I decided to get tested. Since moving to Texas my allergies have gotten worse. I am so glad I did. I got the test and drops and started feeling better within few weeks later. I just ordered the combo for my daughter as well. Great product!

  18. (25 customer reviews)

    Billy Townsend (verified owner)

    Very well worth the money! My Allergist wanted $150/month. You now have a new customer

  19. (25 customer reviews)

    Brad Williamson (verified owner)

    This option is much less expensive than a course of allergy shots at a doctor’s office and much more convenient.”

  20. (25 customer reviews)

    Megan Robinson (verified owner)

    Great turnaround time and I was surprised to see the results. I never knew some of the foods I was eating regularly were causing my allergic reactions.

  21. (25 customer reviews)

    Leo (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery.

  22. (25 customer reviews)

    Josh Howard (verified owner)

    I bought this and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to do myself at home. The test arrived in 3 days and the results were ready a few days after I sent my sample in. Highly recommend this.

  23. (25 customer reviews)

    Paramjeet (verified owner)

    Great products. I will buy again.

  24. (25 customer reviews)

    Laura Rutledge (verified owner)

    It took about a week, but it keeps my nose from running all the time due to allergies. My itchy eyes and headaches have also decreased since I’ve been using it for 2 months now.

  25. (25 customer reviews)

    Natalie J (verified owner)

    I live in an area notorious for high pollen, so allergies are a common conversation topic. A co-worker mentioned this product. It took about 2 weeks to become fully effective, but it really works. My allergies are so much better than before when I was using 2 different retail medications. Recommended!

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