Simple Finger-Prick Allergy Test

Our simple finger-prick allergy test measures your body’s immune response to 300 allergen extracts and molecular allergens

  • 3-minute finger-prick allergy test
  • Safe, simple, accurate
  • 62 Environmental Allergens
  • 94 Dietary Allergens

All supplies for sample collection are included along with pre-paid shipping. Accurate and reliable results are in our secure HIPAA compliant lab portal in 3-5 business days along with interpretation for each positive reaction. Reports can easily be generated in 24 different languages.



  1. ORDER A TEST KIT – we ship the next day.
  2. FINGER PRICK – easy to use finger prick at home.
  3. COLLECT & SHIP – All collection supplies are in the kit along with a pre-paid shipping envelope.
  4. RELIABLE RESULTS– our accurate and reliable, science based report is ready in only a few days.

35 reviews for Simple Finger-Prick Allergy Test

  1. (35 customer reviews)

    Ellen Knapton (verified owner)

    “I love the convenience of not having to leave my home. I’ve wanted to get an allergy test done for years and I finally have the answers I was looking for. I just ordered the drops and am ready to start those.”

  2. (35 customer reviews)

    Julie Krell (verified owner)

    “Will definitely be using it again and referring my friends. Very easy process!”

  3. (35 customer reviews)

    Rachel Worthing (verified owner)

    “I’m a first-time user and I found the instructions and collection process easy to follow. Everything is provided including prepaid return shipping. Results came back very quickly in digital format which are color-coded with interpretation from the Allergist. Very nice test.”

  4. (35 customer reviews)

    Liz Greer (verified owner)

    “I ordered this for my daughter since our family doctor told me she probably has bad allergies. An Allergist wanted almost $600 to test her in his office for 70 different items. I found this test online and I’m glad I did bc it saved me almost $400 and it was much easier to do at home. Parents, if you have kids with allergies you need to buy this. Trust me.”

  5. (35 customer reviews)

    John G. (verified owner)

    “Was easy to do, fast results, and was very detailed. I was impressed with the number of allergens tested.”

  6. (35 customer reviews)

    Melissa Worthing (verified owner)

    “The entire process was so easy, everything was delivered to my home, and I received my drops pretty quickly. You do have to take them every day so I make them part of my morning routine.”

  7. (35 customer reviews)

    Zoey Franklin (verified owner)

    “Much better than getting pricked 70 times at the doctors office! Great product.”

  8. (35 customer reviews)

    Jim D. (verified owner)

    “I used another allergy test with minimal results and this was recommended by my friends. Great choice.”

  9. (35 customer reviews)

    Josh W. (verified owner)

    “It was easy to use and I got the results back in just a few days. I ended up buying the allergy drops to complement the results. Quick turnaround time.”

  10. (35 customer reviews)

    Chris J. (verified owner)

    “This finger prick test was very helpful in identifying the allergens that were causing my severe reactions. Indoor and outdoor environmental allergies are hard to identify because there are so many and they are all around us. Very intuitive test.”

  11. (35 customer reviews)

    Anna Hemsley (verified owner)

    “Such a great option for kids. No more shots!”

  12. (35 customer reviews)

    Leslie Fairchild (verified owner)

    “It sure beats going to my doctor every year and getting poked 75x and then having to go in for weekly allergy injections. No more, I will keep buying this and it’s cheaper than going to my doctor.”

  13. (35 customer reviews)

    Bryan Howard (verified owner)

    “The test was easy, quick, and very affordable. Highly recommend it.”

  14. (35 customer reviews)

    Jarrod P. (verified owner)

    “Super easy to use.”

  15. (35 customer reviews)

    Melissa Martinez (verified owner)

    “A great option for kids! My daughter does not like shots. She has seen some great improvements in her allergies in a short amount of time as well. Great service.”

  16. (35 customer reviews)

    Matthew Hernandez (verified owner)

    “This product helped me immensely. Quick and simple at-home test. Easy to take daily allergy drops. All from home which is nice.”

  17. (35 customer reviews)

    Heather P. (verified owner)

    “After years of using prescription medications, I decided to get tested. Since moving to Texas my allergies have gotten worse. I am so glad I did! I got the test and drops and started feeling better within few weeks later. I just ordered the combo for my daughter as well. Great product!”

  18. (35 customer reviews)

    Brittany K. (verified owner)

    “What a great product to use at home. I don’t have insurance so this was the cheapaer and more convenient way to go. Results came back in only a few days. Great service at a great price!”

  19. (35 customer reviews)

    Kevin Davidson (verified owner)

    “The test is convenient, quick, and easy and they provide a fully detailed digital report. Communication with their team is great and someone actually explained the entire report over the phone.”

  20. (35 customer reviews)

    Jackie Ryann (verified owner)

    “Very fast delivery and test results. I would recommend this.”

  21. (35 customer reviews)

    Brad Williamson (verified owner)

    “This option is much less expensive than a course of allergy shots at a doctor’s office and much more convenient.”

  22. (35 customer reviews)

    Danialla Jones (verified owner)

    “The product was easy to use with simple to follow instructions. Results were back in a few days.”

  23. (35 customer reviews)

    Nichole T. (verified owner)

    “Very easy to use at-home test.”

  24. (35 customer reviews)

    Megan Robinson (verified owner)

    “Great turnaround time and I was surprised to see the results. I never knew some of the foods I was eating regularly were causing my allergic reactions.”

  25. (35 customer reviews)

    Alexa M. (verified owner)

    “MUCH better, and cheaper, than going to my doctor’s office every week lol !”

  26. (35 customer reviews)

    Leo (verified owner)

    “Very fast delivery.”

  27. (35 customer reviews)

    Monicah P. (verified owner)

    “The results came back quickly and they were really easy to read. They were color-coded and had interpretation notes from the allergist. An Allergy Tech called me and walked me through everything. Very impressive! I just ordered the drops.”

  28. (35 customer reviews)

    Billy R. (verified owner)

    “I looked online for an at-home allergy test and this was the best bang for my buck. The sample collection process was easy and I got the results in a few days. Thx”

  29. (35 customer reviews)

    Brandon M. (verified owner)

    “The finger prick test got here quickly and the results came back pretty quickly as well. Someone from Turnkey called me to discuss my test results which I thought was very professional. They answered all of my questions and gave me some treatment options. Above and beyond in my opinion.”

  30. (35 customer reviews)

    Beth Ann J. (verified owner)

    “I compared the price and test panel of this test to Everlywell and this is a WAY better choice! Almost 5x the allergens tested at the same price. Excellent product. Highly recommend it.”

  31. (35 customer reviews)

    Anna T. (verified owner)

    “I purchased the allergy test for myself and was very pleased with the information and quick turnaround time. I just bought the combo for my husband as well. Great company and service.”

  32. (35 customer reviews)


    “good product and simple to use.” (verified buyer)

  33. (35 customer reviews)

    Shawn C. (verified owner)

    “Easy to order, arrived in a timely manner, easy to collect the sample at home, and quick results!”

  34. (35 customer reviews)

    Riley Harrison (verified owner)

    “I hate needles so the thought of having to get poked 70x by the allergist was unbearable. A friend recommended this and OMG this was great. No more allergist for me lol.”

  35. (35 customer reviews)

    Natalie J. (verified owner)

    “I live in an area notorious for high pollen, so allergies are a common conversation topic. A co-worker mentioned this product. It took about 2 weeks to become fully effective, but it really works. My allergies are so much better than before when I was using 2 different retail medications. Recommended!”

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