Simple Finger-Prick Allergy Test

Our simple finger-prick allergy test measures your body’s immune response to 300 allergen extracts and molecular allergens

1- 3-minute finger-prick allergy test
2- Safe, simple, accurate
3-62 Environmental Allergens
4- 94 Dietary Allergens

All supplies for sample collection are included along with pre-paid shipping. Accurate and reliable results are in our secure HIPAA compliant lab portal in 3-5 business days along with interpretation for each positive reaction. Reports can easily be generated in 24 different languages.



  1. ORDER A TEST KIT – we ship the next day.
  2. FINGER PRICK – easy to use finger prick at home.
  3. COLLECT & SHIP – All collection supplies are in the kit along with a pre-paid shipping envelope.
  4. RELIABLE RESULTS– our accurate and reliable, science based report is ready in only a few days.


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